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What is Podcasting?

A Podcast is a downloadable audio file (usually MP3's) that can be listened to anywhere. You need some form of software to listen to the download, once you have that you can listen to the files on your machine. This type of system allows you to get updated files automatically - however frequently you chose to check for them.

There are many directories and software available to listen to the RSS Podcasts (RSS is commonly known as Real Simple Syndication)

One type of software tool is called RSS Radio station. This is one of many but it is easy to use and works well (also free) - If you have an iPOD then you can paste the URL below and subscribe to the JG RSS feed.

The web address is: RSS radio zip file

Once you have the software, it can be set to start up with Windows, and all you need to do is to 'subscribe' to the RSS feed that you want. For Johns music you need to add this link into the New subscription window (just copy and paste it in).

once you have subscribed to this RSS feed then you a variety of tracks will be downloaded. More and more will be added - its a brilliant way to listen to JG's MP3's all in the same place.

Good luck and if you get stuck you can always email. Help

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