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Whatever happened to..................
YVICK MOSSEC Muscians Institute,  Los Angeles, California, USA
DUNCAN JONES Atlanta Institute of Music, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Went to Atlanta Institute of Music and graduated with Honours in 1993, took up
teaching on returning...however life's a bitch and I married Two of them, so
life got in the way for awhile...still continue to teach part time and have
since got with the program and bought my self a load of recording gear. Since
weaning myself off the addiction of practicing the Guitar for 8 hours a day
have developed a new one of composing instrumental songs, got a fair few on tape as we speak!!!!!.

Life's good at the moment, I married a Canadian and I spend my time between England and Canada.


p.s..believe all Johns Hype..he's a bloody good teacher , 17 years I have been playing and his teaching pretty much set me up for life. Listen with your ears, watch with your eyes and learn!!!!!!!
DAMIAN HAGGER Berkeley, Los Angeles, California, USA, Now working for
ALEX MASTERS Muscians Institute,  Los Angeles, California, USA
GARY DRAYTON Muscians Institute,  Los Angeles, California, USA. 

Muscians Institute,  Los Angeles, California, USA - James Kendrick (or loving remembered by John as Jim?). After studying at MIT in 1994-95 I moved to Bristol where I have been busy musically ever since. I have been involved in original and cover bands and at the moment I mostly play in orchestras/bands for musicals around Bristol including the Bristol Hippodrome and UK premieres of Sideshow and Parade. I also recently  finished recording music for a children's book called "Crazy Train Ride" (Different!)Unfortunately it is not full time as I have to pay for my mortgage and first rugrat which is due anytime, but if it was not for Mr Grindey starting me out on the right track I would not have achieved half my goals as a guitarist. Keep up the good work John.


DAVE HUNT Muscians Institute,  Los Angeles, California, USA
JUSTIN ROBERTS Los Angeles Music Academy
ADAM CHETWOOD Guildford Music School, now working for Hampshire Music Service in good company with..
MIKE HINES Head of Guitar at Hampshire Music Service (and many others also at Hampshire Music Service)
TONY WEST Didn't go to Music school but never-the-less runs a very successful teaching operation with another one of Johns students ......
LAWRENCE DEWEY works with Tony West (see above) and see below...
CHRIS PITMAN Head of the Jam course at Eastleigh Technical College
HAREN KOCH GIT London (teacher)
ALAN SHARMAN GIT USA - Now teaches at MI London
TOBY CLARK  (By email) Toby Clark from Hamble... I moved to London to do sculpture & ended up getting heavily involved in making hip hop beats with rappers & singers. I've been doing live & studio sessions with the guitar, remixing and producing - my aim is to do the writing/producing thing. My remix of Tricky's first single from his new album came out in July, which is my first release to be in HMV etc, ironically featuring no guitar playing! but the next batch of tracks are getting more guitar led & jazz orientated as I rediscover the joy of guitar playing over the control freakness of the computer.

Anyway still loving the music and the strings, so thanks for the best start a guitarist could ask for,


More to follow when John remembers....If you remember then use  contact John  


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past students of JG have gone onto to many successful ventures. Here is a small selection from the students that have kept on playing...


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